The Ark of the Covenant

A Quick Summary

This section covers a very basic introduction to the subject of the Ark of the Covenant mentioned in the Old Testament. The Ark of the Covenant was a physical sign that the God of all the earth was in Israel "and let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in them" (Ex. 25:8). God made a covenant with Israel and with all mankind that only by the shedding of the blood of Christ would there be forgiveness of sins. Abraham, the first Hebrew knew this when God told him to bring his only son Isaac whom he loves to the altar, and rejoiced to see the day of Christ (John 8:56).

Painting of the Ark of the Covenant as Described in the Bible

Table of Contents: The Ark of the Covenant, The Presence of God, Brief Summary, Biblical Description, The Mercy Seat, The Tabernacle, The History of Israel, David, Solomon, Israel and Judah, Israel's Rejection, The Second Temple, The Temple of Herod, What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?, The True Meaning, The Blood of Jesus