The Kassite and Isin Dynasty List of Kings

The First Dynasty of Babylon came to an end through an invasion of the Hittites. They plundered Babylon and perhaps ruled that city for a number of years. A new dynasty emerged about 1750 BC by a foreign people known as the Kassites. There were 36 kings in this dynasty ruling 576 years and 9 months. Unfortunately the tablet containing the list is fragmentary.

Kassite Dynasty (List of Kings)

Gandash, 16 years

Agum I (s), 22 years

Kashtiliash I, usurper, 22 years; born of Ulamburiash and son of Burna-buriash

Du (?) shi (s), 8 years

Abirattash (b?)

Tazzigurmash (s)

Agum II (s)

-------Long gap--------

Kara-indash I, contemporary with Ashur-rimnisheshu, k. of Assyria

Kadashman-Enlil I (s?)

Kuri-Galzu I

Burna-buriash II, contemporary of Buzur-Ashur, k. of Assyria

Kara-Indash II, son-in-law of Ashur-uballit, k. of Assyria

  • Nazi-Bugash (usurper)

Kuri-Galzu II, 23 years; contemporary of Ashur-uballit, and Enlilnirari, kings of Assyria

Nazi-Maruttash (s), 26 years; contemporary of Adad-nirari I, p. of Assyria.

Kadashman-Turgu (s), 17 years

Kadashman-Enlil II, 7 years

Kudur-Enlil (s), 9 years

Shagarakti-Shuriash (s), 13 years

Kashtiliash II (s), 8 years

Enlil-nadin-shum, 1 1/2 years

Kadashman-Kharbe II, 1 1/2 years

Adad-shum-iddin, 6 years

Adad-shum-usur, 30 years

Meli-Shipak (s?), 15 years

Marduk-apil-iddin (s), 13 years

Zamama-shum-iddin, 1 year

Bel-mu-, 3 years


11 Kings; began to rule about 1172 BC

Marduk, 17 years

Wanting, 6 years

Nebuchadrezzar I, contemporary of Ashur-resh-ishi, k. of Assyria


Marduk-nadin-akhi, contemporary of Tiglath-pileser I, k. of Assyria

Marduk-shapik-zer-mati, contemporary of Ashur-bel-kala, k. of Assyria

Adad-apal-iddin, 22 years

Marduk-akh-erba, 1 1/2

Marduk-zer, 12 years

Nabu-shum-libur, 8 (?) years