The Biblical definition for covenant is "a binding agreement between two parties." The Greek word Diatheke (Testament) and the Hebrew word for covenant is b'rit and actually means "to cut the covenant." It was cut by the shedding of blood and the walking between the two pieces of flesh (Gen 15). A b'rit could not be broken. When you enter into a covenant you make a solemn promise of love and protection to one another and the promise is made "everything that is mine is therefore yours." There were some traditional steps in cutting the ancient covenant:

  1. The robe (life) was removed.
  2. The belt (strength) was removed
  3. A sacrifice was cut in two pieces.
  4. Each would walk between the pieces
  5. Intermingle the blood of the right hand. (scar)
  6. Receive the others name.
  7. Sit at a table together
  8. Plant a memorial

Scripture mentions several covenants made between man and man, such as Jacob and Laban, and David and Jonathan.