Breastplate or Breastpiece (Heb. hoshen). The breastpiece, called also "the breastpiece of judgment" (Ex 28:15), was a square piece of cloth made of the same material and made in the same manner as the ephod. It was doubled so it would form a pocket one span wide. Upon this breastpiece were twelve precious stones set in gold and arranged in four rows. On each of the precious gems were engraved the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. At each of the four corners was a ring of gold. By the two upper rings small chains of gold were attached and at the ends other chains were fastened for attaching them to the ephod on the shoulders. Blue cords (laces) were attached to the two lower rings, the other ends were tied to rings that were fastened to the bottom of the front part of the ephod immediately above the sash. The breastpiece was securely bound to the ephod and, at the same time, to the breast or heart, both above and below, so tha it could not possibly get displaced (Ex 28:15-28; 39:8-21).