Untash-Napirisha (Untash-Humban)

Untash-Napirisha (Untash-Humban)in Wikipedia

Untash-Napirisha was king of Elam from about 1275 to 1240 BC. He was the son of the previous king, Khumban-Numena. His original name was 'Untash-Khumban', but out of respect, he later changed the last half of his name to napirisha (Elamite for 'great God'). Today, he is best known for building the religious complex Dur Untash (Choqa Zanbil). Although construction in this religious city complex abruptly ended after Untash-Napirisha's death, the site was not abandoned, but continued to be occupied until it was destroyed by the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal in 640 BC. Some scholars speculate, based on the large number of temples and sanctuaries at Choqa Zanbil, that Untash-Napirisha attempted to create a new religious center (possibly intended to replace Susa) which would unite the Gods of both highland and lowland Elam at one site.

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