The Return From Babylon

A Brief Overview Of The Return From Babylon

The people of Judah were horribly distressed. They lost their home, their city, their pride, their Temple, the ark of the covenant, and they were taken as prisoners to Babylon, the homeland of idolatry. But God raised up great men to remind them of Jeremiah`s prophesies, that they would only be there for 70 years. Babylon would not be their h...

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The Decree Of Cyrus

By 538 BC. Babylon had passed into history and the Medo- Persian Empire took its place. Cyrus the Persian issued a decree to allow the Jews to go back to their land, and with the blessing of The Persian Empire. But the Jews hardly moved because Babylon had become their home....

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Many Jews Stayed In Babylon

Cyrus the Persian issued a decree to allow the Jews to go back to their land, but few of the Jews moved because Babylon had become their home. Only a portion returned (Neh 7) and only 74 of the Levites, who were supposed to be known for their dedication to the things of God....

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Zerubbabel And The Temple

The first move back to Palestine was led by Zerubbabel, of the house of David. He was the only one of royal blood to pay any attention to the decree of Cyrus (Ezra 2). When he returned, he found just rubble. No temple, torn down walls, and a mixed breed of corrupt Jews (Samaritans) living there. In 536 BC he laid the foundations for a new temp...

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Ezra And Nehemiah

In 458 BC more Jews returned (Ezra 7) under the leadership of Ezra. 12 years later, Nehemiah, received permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and to govern Judea. He arrived in 444 BC. Despite much opposition, Nehemiah completed this seemingly hopeless task in 52 days. Then a revival followed. Ezra and Nehemiah canonized the books of th...

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