Stheno in Wikipedia

Stheno (Greek: Σθεννώ, English translation: "forceful"), in Greek mythology, was the eldest of the Gorgons, vicious female monsters with brass hands, sharp fangs and "hair" made of living venomous snakes. The daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, she was born in the caverns beneath Mount Olympus. She and her sister Euryale were immortal while the third sister, Medusa, was mortal. Of the three Gorgons, she was known to be the most independent and ferocious, having killed more men than both of her sisters combined. In Roman mythology she became this way by standing with her sister, Medusa, when Medusa was cursed by Athena. Medusa was cursed by Athena for meeting at Athena's temple with the sea god, Poseidon, and was changed into a terrible monster. - Wikipedia

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Stheino in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

Stheino or STHENO (Σθεινώ or Σθενώ), one of the Gorgons. (Hes. Theog. 276 ; Apollod. 2.4.2.) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

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