Shar-Kali-Sharri in Wikipedia

Shar-Kali-Sharri (Akk. = "King of all Kings") was a king of the Akkadian Empire. According to the Sumerian king list, he was the son of Naram-sin and reigned for 25 (or 24) years - around ca. 2100 BC. Names survive for some 18 of the years of his reign, and indicate successful campaigns against Gutium, Amurru, and Elam, among other places, as well as temple construction in Nippur and Babylon.[1] After Sharkalisharri's reign, there may have been a short period of crisis or struggle; the king list states: Then who was king? Who was the king? Igigi, Imi, Nanum, Ilulu: four of them ruled for only 3 years After this, king Dudu ascended, who reigned for 21 years.

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