Qubeiba in Wikipedia

al-Qubayba (also: Qubeiba, Arabic: القبيبة‎) was a Palestinian village, located 24 kilometers northwest of Hebron. History Known in Crusader times as Deirelcobebe, the ruins of the ancient Canaanite city of Lachish lay adjacent to the village,[4] which was subject to extensive archaeological excavations by the British Mandatory authorities in Palestine, and by Israeli authorities subsequent to its capture during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.[5] In 1596 Al-Qubayba was a village in the Ottoman Empire, nahiya (subdistrict) of Gaza under the liwa' (district) of Gaza, with a population of 182. It paid taxes on wheat, barley, sesame, and fruit trees, as well as goats and beehives.[6] In the late 19th century, Al-Qubayba was described as a large village built of adobe brick, situated on rolling hills near a plain, surrounded by a barren and stony area. [7] The population was Muslim, and the village had a school, a mosque, and a number of small shops. Two wells located northwest and southwest of it provided drinking water. By 1944/45 11,912 dunums of land belonged to the village, of which 8,109 dunums were allotted to cereals...

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