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Katzrin (Hebrew: קַצְרִין‎, also spelt Qatzrin, Qasrin, or Kazerin) is the administrative center of the Golan Regional Council and largest Israeli settlement[1] and town in the Golan Heights. History Katzrin is built around the site of a Jewish agricultural village of the Mishnaic period. The archaeological remnants, which include a notable ancient synagogue, are displayed as the Katzrin Ancient Village. The ancient village was destroyed in the Golan earthquake of 749. Modern Katzrin was established in 1977 after the government of Israel decided settling and populating the Golan Heights was of prime importance for Israeli security. Katzrin is a planned urban center that provides a services to the rural communities and military bases of the Golan. In 1981, under the Golan Heights Law, Israel applied Israeli civil law in the Golan Heights (including Katzrin). The Golan Heights Law was condemned internationally and determined null and void by the UN security council.[2][3][4] [edit]Modern town The town offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. To the south is the Sea of Galilee, to the north Mount Hermon, and to the west the hills of the Upper Galilee. As of mid 2005 there are 6,400 people living in Katzrin, almost all of whom are Jewish. The community was planned to grow into a city of 25,000 residents. Katzrin has an educational system and academic centers that serve the residents of the entire region, industrial plants, and facilities of culture and recreation. Katzrin is a major center of tourism in the Golan Heights due to the historical sites it boasts. One of these is the Katzrin Ancient Village (the source of the name "Katzrin"), of the Mishnaic period. The village was destroyed in the Golan earthquake of 749, but still has archaeological remains of a synagogue, partially reconstructed, and foundations of ancient houses. The Golan Archaeological Museum displays the archaeological finds uncovered in the Golan. Katzrin is home to the kosher Golan Heights Winery and a mineral water plant. It also has two open air strip malls. While the headquarters of the Golan Regional Council are located in Katzrin, the town itself does not come under the regional council's jurisdiction, since Katzrin became an independent local council. The large Chinese solar company Suntech Power and Israeli company Solarit Doral built Israel's largest solar power station, a 50 kW rooftop project near the town, and connected it to the electric grid in December 2008.

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