Moschion (physician)

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Moschion, (Greek: Μοσχίων), a physician quoted by Soranus,[1] Andromachus,[2] and Asclepiades Pharmacion,[3] and who lived, therefore, in or before the 1st century. He may be the same person who was called the Corrector (Greek: Διορθωτής), because though he was one of the followers of Asclepiades of Bithynia, he ventured to controvert his opinions on some points.[4] A physician of the same name is mentioned also by Soranus,[5] Plutarch,[6] Alexander of Tralles,[7] Aetius[8] Pliny,[9] and Tertullian.[10] In Byzantine times, a Latin treatise on gynecology by an otherwise unknown Muscio was translated into Greek; this author came to be wrongly identified with Moschion.[11]

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