Merope in Wikipedia

Merope, in Greek mythology, is one of the seven Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Pleione, their mother, is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethyus and is the protector of sailors.[1] There are several myths associated with the Pleiades in Greek mythology...

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Merope in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

3. A daughter of Atlas, one of the Pleiades, and the wife of Sisyphus of Corinth, by whom she became the mother of Glaucus. In the constellation of the Pleiades she is the seventh and the least visible star, because she is ashamed of having had intercourse with a mortal man. (Apollod. 1.9.3, 3.10. 1; Ov. Fast. 4.175; Eustath. ad Hom. p. 1155; Serv. ad Virg. Georg. 1.138; comp. Hom. Il. 6.154; Schol. ad Pind. Nom. 2.16; SISYPHUS.) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

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