Maxentius in Roman Biography

Maxentius, maks-en'she - us, [Fr. Maxence, mik'- s6nss',] (Marcus AureliuSTValerius,) a Roman emperor, was the son of Maximian, who abdicated in 305 A.D. He married the daughter of the emperor Galerius. He thought himself slighted by the promotion of Constantine to the rank of Caesar in 306, and excited a revolt among the Praetorian guards, who proclaimed him emperor at Rome in the same year. Galerius, who was then in a distant province, sent against him an army under Severus, who was defeated and killed by the aid of Maximian. Maxentius and his father reigned together for a short time, and made an alliance with Constantine, who married Fausta, a sister of Maxentius. Maximian was expelled from Rome in 308, in consequence of a quarrel with his son. In 312 the army of Constantine defeated that of Maxentius, who, in the retreat, was drowned in the Tiber. See Gibbon, " Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ;" Tille- MONT, " Histmre des Empereurs."

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Maxentius in Wikipedia

Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius (c. 278 – 28 October 312) was Western Roman Emperor from 306 to 312. He was the son of former emperor Maximian, and the son-in-law of Galerius, also an emperor. Life Birth and early life - Maxentius' exact date of birth is unknown; it was probably around 278. He was the son of the emperor Maximian and his wife Eutropia. As his father became emperor in 285, he was regarded as crown prince who would eventually follow his father on the throne. He seems not to have served in any important military or administrative position during Diocletian's and his father's reign, though. Early (the exact date is unknown) he married Valeria Maximilla, the daughter of Galerius. He had two sons, Valerius Romulus (ca. 295 – 309) and an unknown one...

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Maxentius, M. Aurelius Valerius in Harpers Dictionary

A Roman emperor, who ruled A.D. 306-312. He was passed over in the division of the Empire which followed the abdication of his father Maximianus and Diocletian in A.D. 305; but he seized Rome, where he was proclaimed emperor in 306. He reigned till 312, when he was defeated by Constantine at Saxa Rubra, near Rome. He tried to escape over the Milvian Bridge into Rome, but perished in the river. Maxentius is represented by all historians as a monster of rapacity, cruelty, and lust. See Constantinus.

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