Marinus in Wikipedia

Marinus may refer to: * Marinus (crater), a crater on the Moon * Marinus (given name), for people named Marinus * Marinus of Tyre (c. 70-130), Greek geographer, cartographer and mathematician * Marinus of Caesarea (d. 262), Roman soldier, christian martyr and saint * Saint Marinus (d. 366), founder of San Marino, feast day September 3 * Marinus of Neapolis, 5th century Neo-Platonist philosopher * Marinus (general), 6th century general under Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I * Pope Marinus I (d. 884), or Martin II, Pope from 882-884 * Pope Marinus II (d. 946), or Martin III, Pope from 942-946

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Marīnus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

1. A Tyrian geographer, who lived about the middle of the second century A.D. He was the first mathematical geographer, and was largely followed by Ptolemy. (See Ptolemaeus.) 2. A philosopher and rhetorician of Flavia Neapolis in Palestine. He succeeded Proclus (q.v.), and wrote his life, which is still extant. Edited by Boissonade (Leipzig, 1814).

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