Inyotef I (Sehertawy)

Inyotef I (Sehertawy) in Tour Egypt

INYOTEF I (SEHERTAWY) 2074-2064 B.C. 11TH DYNASTY. Inyotef I was the founder of the 11th Dynasty. He took Thebes as the Capitol of Egypt and ruled it from 2074 till 2064 BC. He was the son of Montuhotep I, the "elder". The king took over a divided Egypt and tried to reunite the north and the south under his power. Herakleopolitans ruled Northern Egypt during the period of the 9th and 10th Dynasties' kings. Inyotef was buried in Thebes in the mortuary complex that he built. His royal successors honored his mortuary complex and did not modify it.

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Intef I in Wikipedia

Intef I was a local Egyptian ruler at Thebes, and a member of the Eleventh dynasty during the First Intermediate Period. He was the first of his dynasty to assume the title of Pharaoh, with the Horus name of Sehertawy, ('He who has brought calm to the Two Lands').[2] Intef I was the son of Mentuhotep I. His authority was contested by the other nomarchs of Egypt, chief among them being the Tenth dynasty at Herakleopolis Magna and Ankhtifi, the well known nomarch of Hierakonpolis who was a faithful follower of the Heraklepolitan dynasty.[3] On his accession to the throne, Intef probably ruled little more than the surrounding areas of his capital but he had gained control over Koptos, Dendera and the three nomes of Hierakonpolis by the end of his reign after apparently winning a victory over Ankhtifi or this nomarch's successor.[2] His reign length is unknown but must have been less than 16 years since the damaged Turin Canon papyrus assigns this figure to the combined reigns of both Mentuhotep I and Intef I. He was succeeded by his brother Intef II.

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