Ikunum in wikipedia

Ikunum was the king of Assyria between 1867 BC to 1860 BC and the son of Ilushuma Reign He is known for building a temple for the God Ninkigal.[1], for strengtheing the fortifications of the city of Assur and maintained commercial colonies in Asia Minor and Turkey.[2] Limmu officials by year The 15 annual limmu officials from the year of accession of Ikunum to his death.[3] BC dates are based on a date of 1833 BC for the recorded solar eclipse in the limmu of Puzur-Ištar.[4] 1920 Buzi son of Adad-rabi 1919 Šuli son of Šalmah 1918 Iddin-Suen son of Šalmah 1917 Ikunum son of Šudaya 1916 Dan-Wer son of Ahu-ahi 1915 Šu-Anum from Nerabtim 1914 Il-massu son of Aššur-ṭab 1913 Šu-Hubur son of Šuli 1912 Idua son of Ṣulili 1911 Laqip son of Puzur-Laba 1910 Šu-Anum the hapirum 1909 Uku son of Bila 1908 Aššur-malik son of Panaka 1907 Dan-Aššur son of Puzur-Wer 1906 Šu-Kubum son of Ahu-ahi 1905 Irišum son of Iddin-Aššur

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