Hulda Gates

The Huldah Gates

In the wall were the gates of the prophetess Huldah. The wall measured 211 feet. The Ophel corner was so high that from its top "an Arab with a spear looked like a flax worm." A prophetess, the wife of Shallum (which see), who was keeper of the wardrobe (2 Kings 22:14). She dwelt, in the reign of Josiah, in that part of Jerusalem called the Mishneh (the "Second Quarter"). To her the king sent Hilkiah the priest, Shaphan the scribe, and others to consult respecting the denunciations in the lately found book of the law. She then delivered an oracular response of mingled judgment and mercy, declaring the near destruction of Jerusalem but promising Josiah that he should be taken from the world before these evil days came (22:14-20; 34:22-28), about 639 BC Huldah is known only from this circumstance.

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