Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

Exhibit of the University of Michigan's materials on magical practice in the Mediterranean and Near East from the first to the seventh centuries CE....

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Mythology and Religion

Mythology and religion are intertwined aspects of human culture and belief systems, but they have distinct characteristics and functions. Religion: Religion is a comprehensive belief system that encompasses a set of practices, rituals, moral codes, and doctrines centered around the worship of one or more deities or a divine being. Religions often p...

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Ancient Religion of the Finns

The ancient religion of the Finns, often referred to as Finnish paganism or Finnish mythology, is an intricate and distinctive belief system that was practiced by the indigenous people of Finland, known as the Finns, for centuries before the arrival of Christianity. This ancient religion was deeply rooted in the natural world, folklore, and the spi...

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The Land of Genghis Khan

National Geographic Society [People in History] [Tools and Searches]...

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