Greece N.T.


Amphipolis Byzantine basilica mosaics, Amphipolis Byzantine basilica, Amphipolis Byzantine basilica2...[Bible Places]...

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Most scholars believe that Paul traveled to Athens by boat from Berea and thus it is likely that he entered the city through its large port of Piraeus. The port was originally built in the 5th c. B.C. and still thrives today. In ancient times Piraeus was connected to Athens (6 mi. distant) by the Long Walls, two parallel walls 600 feet apart. [Bib...

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One of the great crossroads of the ancient world because of its location on the isthmus linking the Peloponnese to mainland Greece, Corinth was a thriving Roman colony from the time of Julius Caesar. The city is always described as "wealthy" in the ancient sources and this prosperity was due in part to the city's taxation of the north-south and eas...

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Philippi apparently had only a small number of Jewish inhabitants and no synagogue. Consequently Shabbat worship was held outside the city on the Gangitis River. Here Paul met a group of women to whom he preached the gospel. Lydia, a merchant trading purple cloth, believed Paul's message and was baptized with members of her household. Subsequently ...

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Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman street, Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios, Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios2...[Bible Places][Greece]...

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