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Did'I-us, (Julianus Severus,) a Roman emperor, born at Milan in 133 A.D., was the son of Petronius Didius Severus. He served in the army with distinction, and was made consul with Pertinax. After the murder of this emperor, in 193, the Prsetorians offered the empire at public auction to the highest bidder. The chief competitors were Sulpitianus and Didius, who was immensely rich. The latter made the highest bid, (6250 drachmas for each soldier,) and was proclaimed emperor. But Septimius Severus and other generals refused to recognize him, and, after a reign of about two months, he was killed by the soldiers in his palace. Severus was his successor. See Dion Cassius, " History of Rome ;" Tillemont, "Histoire des Empereurs."

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Didius Julianus in Wikipedia

Marcus Didius Severus Julianus (30 January 133 or 2 February 137 – 1 June 193) was Roman Emperor for three months during the year 193. He ascended the throne after buying it from the Praetorian Guard, who had assassinated his predecessor Pertinax. This led to the Roman Civil War of 193–197. Julianus was ousted and sentenced to death by his successor, Septimius Severus. Early life - Julianus was born to Quintus Petronius Didius Severus and Aemilia Clara.[1] Julianus's father came from a prominent family in Mediolanum (Milan) and his mother was an African woman, of Roman descent. Clara came from a family of consular rank. His brothers were Didius Proculus and Didius Nummius Albinus.[1] His date of birth is given as January 30, 133 by Cassius Dio[2] and February 2, 137 by the Historia Augusta.[3] Didius Julianus was raised by Domitia Lucilla, mother of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.[4] With Domitia's help, he was appointed at a very early age to the vigintivirate, the first step towards public distinction.[5] He married a Roman woman called Manlia Scantilla and about 153, Scantilla bore him a daughter and only child Didia Clara...

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