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In Greek mythology, four people had the name Creusa (or Kreousa - Κρέουσα); the name means simply "princess". Naiad According to Pindar's 9th Pythian Ode, Creusa was a naiad and daughter of Gaia who bore Hypseus, King of the Lapiths to the river god Peneus. Hypseus had one daughter, Cyrene. When a lion attacked her father's sheep, Cyrene wrestled with the lion. Apollo happened along and immediately fell in love with her and kidnapped her. He took her to North Africa and founded the city of Cyrene in her name. The region, Cyrenaica, is also named for her. Together, she and Apollo had one son: Aristaeus...

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Creusa in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

(*Kre/ousa). 1. A daughter of Oceanus and Ge. She was a Naid, and became by Peneius the mother of Hypseus, king of the Lapithae, and of Stilbe. (Pind. P. 9.30; Diod. 4.69.)2. A daughter of Erechtheus and Praxithea, was married to Xuthus, by whom she became the mother of Achaeus and Ion. (Apollod. 1.7.3, 3.15.1; Paus. 7.1.1.) She is also said to have been beloved by Apollo (Paus. 1.28.4), and Ion is called her son by Apollo, as in the "Ion" of Euripides. 3. A daughter of Priam and Hecabe, and the wife of Aeneias, who became by her the father of Ascanius and Iulus. (Apollod. 3.12.5.) Conon (Narrat. 41) calls her the mother of Anius by Apollo. When Aeneias fled from Troy, she followed him; but she was unable to discover his traces, and disappeared. Aeneias then returned to seek her. She then appeared to him as a shade, consoled him, revealed to him his future fate, and informed him that she was kept back by the great mother of the gods, and was obliged to let him depart alone. (Verg. A. 2.725, 738, 752, 769, 775, &c.) In the Lesche of Delphi she was represented by Polygnotus among the captive Trojan women. (Paus. 10.26.1.) A fourth personage of this name is mentioned by Hyginus. (Fab. 25; comp. [CREON, No. 1].) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

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