Athenodoros in Wikipedia

Athenodoros or Athenodorus was the name of several figures in the ancient world: * Athenodorus of Soli (fl. mid 3rd century BCE), a Stoic philosopher and disciple of Zenon * Athenodoros Cananites, a Stoic philosopher of the 1st Century BCE * Athenodoros Cordylion, another Stoic philosopher of the same era and keeper of the library of Pergamum * a sculptor of the 1st century BCE, the son and pupil of Agesander of Rhodes, whom he assisted with the famous Laocoön and his Sons now in the Vatican Museum * Athenodorus of Byzantium, (fl. 2nd century CE), bishop of Byzantium from 144 until 148 * Athenodorus (Isaurian general), Isaurian general of the Isaurian War

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Athenodōrus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

A Rhodian sculptor associated with Agesander and Polydorus in producing the famous group of Laocoön (q.v.). Of Tarsus, a Stoic philosopher, surnamed Cordylio, who was keeper of the library at Pergamus, and afterwards removed to Rome, where he lived with M. Cato, at whose house he died. Of Tarsus, a Stoic philosopher, surnamed Cananites, from Cana, in Cilicia, the birthplace of his father. He taught at Apollonia in Epirus, where the young Octavius (subsequently the emperor Augustus) was one of his disciples. He accompanied the latter to Rome, and became one of his intimate friends. On one occasion he is said to have advised the emperor always to repeat the letters of the Greek alphabet before giving way to any impulse of anger.

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