Asclepiades in Wikipedia

Asclepiades may refer to: * Asclepiades of Phlius, (4th–3rd century BC) philosopher in the Eretrian school of Philosophy * Asclepiades of Samos, (3rd century BC) lyric poet * Asclepiades of Bithynia, (c. 125–40 BC) philosopher and physician * Asclepiades Pharmacion, (1st-2nd century) Greek physician * Asclepiades of Antioch, (d.217) Patriarch of Antioch, Christian saint and martyr * Asclepiades, (c. 250) Christian saint and martyr (see Pionius) * Asclepiades the Cynic, (4th century) Cynic philosopher

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Asclepiădes in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

(Ἀσκληπιάδης). A Greek poet, a native of Samos, and a younger contemporary of Theocritus. He was the author of thirty-nine epigrams, mostly erotic, in the Greek Anthology. The well-known Asclepiadean metre was perhaps named after him.

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