Archermus in Wikipedia

Archermus was a sculptor of Chios working in the middle of the 6th century BC. His father, Micciades, and his sons, Bupalus and Athenis, were all sculptors of marble, doubtlessly using the fine marble of their native land. The Chian school excelled in draped female figures. A scholium on Aristophanes' Birds, (at v. 573) credits Archermus with having been the first to represent Nike and Eros with wings. A running archaic Nike figure that was found at Delos in 1877 (Tarbell), was at first too hopefully connected with a separate basis found nearby, which recorded the execution of a statue by Archermus and Micciades; at first it was dubbed the "Nike of Archermus" (Athens NM 21). Unfortunately it is the base, which probably supported a sphinx, that alone is by Archermus and his father (EB 1911). The Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge, classify their cast of the Nike as "Nike of Delos. Marble, 0.90 m. Winged female figure, either a freestanding sculpture or an akroterion (roof ornament). Possibly by Archermos. 570-560 BC. From the Temple of Artemis at Delos. (Athens NM 21)".

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