Anaxandrĭdes in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

A Rhodian Greek poet of the Middle Comedy, who flourished in B.C. 376. He is said to have been the first to make love affairs the theme of comedy. His plays are said to have been characterized by sprightliness and humour, but only fragments of them are now in existence.

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Anaxandrides in Wikipedia

Anaxandrides (Ἀναξανδρίδης), was an Athenian Middle Comic poet. He was victorious ten times (test. 1. 3), first in 376, according to the Marmor Parium (FGrHist 239 A 70 = test. 3). Inscriptional evidence shows that three of his victories came at the Lenaia (IG II2 2325. 142), so the other seven must have been at the City Dionysia, including in 375 (IG II2 2318. 241), when he also took third at the Lenaia (IG Urb. Rom. 218. 5). A substantial fragment of his complete competitive record survives in IG Urb. Rom. 218. He wrote 65 plays (test. 1. 3), and his career continued into the early 340s (IG Urb. Rom. 218. 8; fourth at the City Dionysia in 349 with either Rustics or Anchises). He was probably from the city of Camirus on Rhodes (test. 1. 1; 2. 9), although the Suda (test. 1. 2–3) reports that ‘according to some authorities’ he was from Colophon. The Suda (test. 1. 3–4) also reports that Anaxandrides was ‘the first to introduce love-affairs and rapes of girls’ (sc. to the comic stage). 82 fragments (including two dubia) of his comedies survive, along with 41 titles: Rustics, Anchises, Aeschra (or perhaps The Ugly Woman), The Girl From Ambracia (probably 2nd, near the end of his career), The Rival In Love (5th), Achilleus, The Madness of Old Men, Twins, The Birth of Dionysus (probably 2nd), Helen, Erechtheus (City Dionysia 368; 3rd), Pious Men, Painters or Geographers (or The Geographer), Heracles, Thessalians, The Treasure, Theseus, Io (City Dionysia 374; 4th), The Ritual-Basket-Bearer, Cercius or Cercion, The Female Cithara-Player, Hunters, The Comic Tragedy, Women From Locris, Lycurgus, The Ma[dwoman] (364; probably 2nd), Melilot, Nereus, Nereids, Odysseus (City Dionysia between 373 and 358; 4th), The Expert in Hoplite Fighting, Pandarus, Cities, Protesilaus, The Girl From Samos, Satyrias, Sosippus, Tereus (not victorious), Outrageous Behaviour, The Drug-Prophet, and The Libation-Vessel-Bearer. The standard edition of the testimonia and fragments is Kassel-Austin, Poetae Comici Graeci II; Kock numbers are now outdated and should not be used. A university of Illinois dissertation on Anaxandrides was completed by Benjamin Millis but has not been published.

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