Anam in Wikipedia

Anam may refer to: * ANAM, the Australian National Academy of Music * Anam (album), an album by the Irish band Clannad * Anam Station, a station on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway and serving Korea University * Anam, more usually Annam, the name of a former territory in central Vietnam with the capital city Hué * Anam language * Anam (name), a female name of Arabic origin, meaning "blessing", "gift from God" * Anam (band), a band (operating from 1992 until present) from the British Isles playing modern folk in celtic musical traditions from Ireland, England, Cornwall, Scotland. led by Brian Ó hEadhra, and including Fiona Mackenzie, Gordon Gunn, and Nuala Kennedy, and previously: Aimée Leonard; Fiona Mackenzie; Anna-Wendy Stevenson; Treasa Harkin; and Neil Davey. * Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics, a battery of tests of cognitive functioning

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