Bible Names N-Z : Sopater

Sopater in Wikipedia Sopater (so'-pa-ter, sop'-a-ter[2] (gr Σωπατρoς; Sopatros, "saviour of his father"[3], Easton's reads "The father who saves"[4], Holman's reads "sound parentage"[5]) was the son of Pyrhus[6], a man from the city of Berea, he accompanied Paul along with Aristarchus and Secundus the Thessalonians, Gaius of Derbe, Timothy, and Trichicus and Tromphimus of Asia, out of Macedonia after a group of Jews began to plot against him. They sailed from Philippi to Alexandria Troas where they met Paul who had gone by land. It is commonly accepted that Sopater is the kinsman of Paul noted in Romans 16:21 as Sosipater[7]. He is hounored as Saint Sosipater, in 29th of April by the Eastern Orthodox Church [1]