Bible Names N-Z : Shalman

Shalman in Wikipedia Shalmaneser is documented by The Bible as an Assyrian king (Hosea 10:14), identified with Shalmaneser II (by Archibald Sayce) or IV (by François Lenormant), the successor of Pul on the throne of Assyria (728 BC). He made war against Hoshea , the king of Israel, whom he subdued and compelled to pay an annual tribute. Hoshea, however, soon after rebelled against his Assyrian conqueror. Shalmaneser again marched against Samaria, which, after a siege of three years, was taken (2 Kings 17:3-5; 18:9) by Sargon. A revolution meantime had broken out in Assyria, and Shalmaneser was deposed. Sargon usurped the vacant throne. Eberhard Schrader thought that this is probably the name of a king of Moab mentioned on an inscription of Tiglath-Pileser as Salamanu.