Bible Animals : Locust

Grasshopper in Wikipedia Grasshopper, is probably the best rendering for the Hebrew, hgb [Lev., xi, 22; Num., xiii, 34 (Hebrews 13:33); Is., xl, 22; Eccles., xii, 5, etc.], as in the A.V., if the Hebrew word be interpreted "hopper" as Credner suggests; the D.V. uses the word locust. The grasshopper is one of the smaller species of the locust tribe.

Locust in Wikipedia Locust. - One of the worst scourges of the East, very often referred to in Bible. As many as nine Hebrew words signify either the locust in general or some species: (1) 'rbh, probably the locusta migratoria; (2) gzm, possibly the locust in its larva state, the palmerworm; (3) Gbh, the locust in general; (4) chagab, most likely the grasshopper; (5) hsl, "the destroyer", perhaps the locust in its hopper state, in which it is most destructive; (6) hrgl, translated in the D.V. ophiomachus; (7) ylq, the stinging locust; (8) ell possibly the cricket; and (9) sl'm, rendered by attacus, or bald locust (probably the truxalis). Unlike other insects, locusts are most voracious in every stage of their existence.