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 Here you can see from left to right, Michaelangelo's Jeremiah at the Sistine Chapel, the Jew's being taken captive to Assyria (722 BC) found in a palace in Nineveh, A Roman war chariot, a Greek soldiers helmut found in a tomb in Greece, a picture that I made in Adobe Photoshop, and a map of the ancient world.
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Is 46:9-10 Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, `My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure,'

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Learn about the ancient world

One of the Nineveh reliefs of an Assyrian war king dressed up for the hunt and pursuing his quarry. The king, Assurbanipal, like most Assyrian rulers would lead his troops into battle. Many intense bas-relief sculptures were unearthed from ruined palaces in Nineveh.

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above Assyrian War King

This is what the ancient Assyrians who conquered the Tigris in 722 BC looked like. The two Assyrians were court officials. Their black curly hair, headband, twisted moustache, long spade beards and earrings were fashionable among the Assyrian nobility. This wall painting was taken from a palace in Tell Ahmar , NE Syria on the east bank of the Euphrates.

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above Assyrian officials

Learn about ancient gods, customs, and peoples

The greek god of the sea, Poseidon, lifting his hand to balance as he prepares to throw a trident or lightning rod. The Greeks trusted that on the water their fate rested with Poseidon. The home waters around Greece were the Aegean Sea which was dotted with islands and headlands and the ancient sailors told many stories of its fierce storms and whirlpools brought about by Poseidon.

Ancient warrior from Greece cast in bronze.

 Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus. Example of painted wood and Egyptian writing. Egyptian Art, Late Period, from Thebes Dynasties XXII - XXV (9th - 8th Century B.C.) Painted wood (completely inside and out), Height 77 inches Mixture of chalk, glue, and vegetable fibres. Much of the writing discovered by archaeologists recently has shown that writing was in existence thousands of years before Moses. Not too long ago scholars believed that "Moses could not have written the first parts of the Bible  because writing was unknown at that time"(1500 BC).

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Programs to Download
by Rusty Russell

BKA #1 The Incredible Bible
BKA #2 The Story of the Bible - Part 1 "The Old Testament"
BKA #5
A Harmony of the Life Of Jesus
BKA #37 The Hebrew Language

BKA #38 Introduction to New Testament Greek
BKA #14
The Tabernacle
(2.3 MB) Take a preview look at "The Tabernacle"

Be Looking for BKA 4 "The Story of the Bible part III - The Spread of Christianity" which will be available very soon.

Be Looking for BKA 4 "The Story of the Bible part III - The Spread of Christianity" which will be available very soon. BKA 4 covers the beginnings of Christianity from the resurrection of Christ to the ministry of Paul in Rome, the capital of the world.

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Babylonian Chronicle recording the captivity of Jerusalem 586 BC.

Assyrian Booty, ancient record of the northern kingdom of Israel being taken away to Assyria as prisoners.

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