Flavius Josephus (Joseph ben Mattathias) 37 A.D. - 101 A.D. The famous Jewish historian who began public life as an army officer in Israel but his military career ended in 67 A.D. when he was captured in a revolt against Rome. Later he turned to writing history and was considered as one of the greatest "chroniclers" of all time. He wrote his 'History of the Jewish War' to the greater glory of Vespasian and received the name "Flavius." He also published his 'Jewish Antiquities' for the purpose of stirring the world to admiration of the Jewish nation.

His first work, History of the Jewish War in 7 volumes, also Jewish Antiquities in 20 books containing the history of the Jews from creation to 66 A.D., using both Biblical, historical, and other sources. Josephus wrote other books including his own so-called Autobiography. In his writings Josephus refers to Christ, John the Baptist, and the early Christians.


The Qur'an or Koran are the holy scriptures in Islam. A replica of the original in heaven.

Almost as large as the New Testament, it contains 114 chapters.