Wineskin in the Smoke

Ps 119:83 "For I have become like a wineskin in smoke, yet I do not forget Your statutes.

A "Wineskin in the Smoke"

David's Anguish

The Psalmist here is referring to an experience in his life where he sees himself on the brink of ruin. He uses the term "wineskin in the smoke" as an illustration of how he felt.

Hanging Skin Bottles in Tents

Drinking containers in ancient times were usually made of skin. These skin bottles were often used out in the wilderness to hang in a tent when the use of fire was needed inside and there was no chimney. The skin would absorb the smoke for a long period of time.

Immediately the skin would become hard and shriveled because of the smoke and afterwards it turned black and was useless.

A striking figure for a man of God to refer himself as yet even in this state he "would not forget God's Word."

Bibliography on Ancient Customs

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