The basic model of the Greek temple is the four sided cella. To the simplest cella was added a porch or pronaos: the simple megarons shown at the right. The extension of the cella walls are the antae. As temples grew in size, columns were added between the antae to support the roof as illustrated in the drawing of a megaron with columns. In the prostyle temple the antae do not extend to the line of columns suppoting the roof over the pronaos. While there was only one entrance to the cella, the addition of a second porch with a double antis provided a more balanced and symetrical structure when view from the side. Temples like Athena Nike are amphiprostyle in they have no antae. Eventually, a colonnade was added to the sides of the temple. While the Parthenon is more sophisticated in structure. It is of this later, peripteral style temple.

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