Warren's Shaft

It can be fascinating on tours of Israel to see some of the industrial undertakings of the people alive curing biblical times. Warren’s Shaft is a perfect example of the ingenuity of the time. The underground waterworks that date all the way back to the time of the kings of Judea, Warren’s Shaft may be the Jebusite water system that David utilized to conquer the city. The shaft’s entrance crosses a tunnel that goes down to a vertical shaft that ends at Gihon Spring. There is some question as to when it was built because the technology seems a bit advanced for the people who lived in that area during the time of King David. Warren’s Shaft was truly a wonderful work as it allowed people in the city to draw from Gihon Spring without traveling out of the city, which was very important during times of war. It was rediscovered by Captain Warren, a British officer, in the last century. Consider rediscovering it for yourself today on your pilgrimage to Israel. 2 Samuel 5:6-10 6 And the king and his men went to Jerusalem against the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land, who said to David, "You will not come in here, but the blind and the lame will ward you off"-thinking, "David cannot come in here." 7 Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion, that is, the city of David. 8 And David said on that day, "Whoever would smite the Jebusites, let him get up the water shaft to attack the lame and the blind, who are hated by David’s soul." Therefore it is said, "The blind and the lame shall not come into the house." 9 And David dwelt in the stronghold, and called it the city of David. And David built the city round about from the Millo inward. 10 And David became greater and greater, for the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him. (America Israel Travel)

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