Vitellius in Roman Biography

Vi-tel'li-uB, (Aulus.) Emperor of Rome, born about 15 A.D. He was distinguished by the favour of Caligula, Claudius, and Nero, and was appointed by Galba to command the German legions. He was soon after proclaimed emperor by his army, and, Galba having been put to death by the partisans of Otho, the empire was now disputed between the latter and Vitellius. Otho was defeated, and Vitellius recognized as emperor ; but, Vespasian having been meanwhile proclaimed at Alexandria his general Antonius Primus marched against Rome, subdued the adherents of Vitellius, and put him to death, (69 A.D.) See Suetonius, " Vitellius ;" Tacitus, " " History;" Tili.emont, Histoire des Empereurs :" Franz Horn, "Historische Gemaide* Galba. Otho, Vitellius," 181a.