Valerian in Roman Biography

Va-le'ri-an [ Lat. Vai.eria'nus, (Puhlius Licinius;) Fr. Valerien, vS'la're^N'] succeeded vEmilianus as Emperor of Rome in 253 A.D., and appointed his son Gallienus his colleague. The empire was soon after invaded by the Goths and other barbarous tribes, and by Sapor, (Shapoor,) King of Persia, who defeated the Romans near Kdessa in 260 and took Valerian prisoner. He was treated in the most insulting manner by his captor, who is said to have placed his foot upon him when he mounted his horse. He died in Persia about 268 A. I)., and was succeeded by his son Gallienus. See Aurklius Victor, "De Csesaribus;" Tillbmont, "Histoire des Empereurs."

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