Valentinian III in Roman Biography

Valentinian (Valentinianus) III., (Placidius,) son of Constantius, born in 419, was made ruler over the Western empire by his uncle, Theodosius II., (425 A.D.,) but the government was conducted by his mother, Placidia. During this period Africa was conquered from the Romans by Genseric, in consequence of the discord between the Roman generals Aetius and Honifacius. Aetius, having previously defeated the Huns under Attila, was murdered by Valentinian, who was jealous of his superior ability, (454.) The emperor perished himself, in 455, by the hand of Petronius Maximus, whose wife he had dishonoured. See Gibbon, "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ;" Tille- MONT, " Histoire des Empereurs."