Urban Planning Used in Dahaneh Gholaman

2500 Years Ago. Dahaneh Gholaman. CAIS ARCHAEOLOGICAL & CULTURAL NEWS. Studies on the precise architecture and great harmony in the design of the Achaemenid era city of Dahaneh Gholaman indicate that it was constructed based on urban planning, the director of the Iranian archaeological team working in the region and at the 5200-year-old Burnt City said on Saturday."No architectural plan for a city in any ancient site in the world, and particularly prehistoric sites, has ever been observed until the Achaemenid era. In fact, the sites had been small villages which had grown into cities due to an increase of the population, but the stratigraphy studies and research carried out by Iranian and Italian archaeologists indicate that this city had been constructed based on preplanning with precise and unique architecture," Mansur Sajjadi added.

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