Underwater Archaeology

Introduction to Marine Archaeology in Israel. Classification of Underwater Archaeological Sites Submerged prehistoric settlements 1. Settlement: structures, installations, burials, tools. 2. Seasonal settlement: installations, tools. 3. Concentration of ancient remnants. Coastal settlements 1. Coastal town: structures and installations on the coastline and in the sea. 2. Coastal settlement: village, fortress, structures, installations. 3. Concentration of ancient remnants. Shipwrecks 1. Remains of wooden hull and cargo. 2. Concentration of cargo and remnants of vessel lacking wooden sections of the hull. 3. Concentration of ballast stones. 4. Single find that originated from a ship. Ports and Anchorages 1. Built-up port: docks, quays and breakwaters. 2. Anchorage: natural formation improved by man. 3. Natural anchorage: temporary shelter ships in a bay or a natural feature. 4. Anchorage in open sea: concentration of anchors off shore. Rock-cut installations on the coastline 1. Quarries. 2. Pools. 3. Slipways 4. Channels. 5. Installations for producing salt. 6. Rock-cut bollards and mooring facilities [Articles of Interest] [Caesarea] [Archaeology]

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