Turtle Dove in Naves Topical Bible

-Sent out from the ark by Noah Ge 8:8-11 -Domesticated Isa 60:8 -Nests of Jer 48:28 -Harmlessness of, typical of Christ's gentleness Mt 10:16 -Sacrificial uses of Ge 15:9 -Prescribed for purification Of women Le 12:6,8; Lu 2:24 Of Nazarites Nu 6:10 Of lepers Le 14:22 -Burnt offering of Le 1:14-17 -Trespass offering of, for the impecunious Le 5:7-10; 12:8 -Sin offering, for those who touched any dead body Nu 6:10 -Market for, in the temple Mt 21:12; Joh 2:14 -SYMBOLICAL Of the Holy Spirit Mt 3:16; Lu 3:22; Joh 1:32 See PIGEON

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