THE VERIFIABILITY OF HISTORY: EVERY EVENT HAS COLLATERAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND CONSEQUENCES. "The life of Christ made an indelible imprint on all of humanity, yet that this should have happened at all is in itself a miracle. "That this man of poor and uncultivated stock should remake the basis of philosophy and open out to the world of the future an unknown territory of thought; that this simple son of a declining people, born in an obscure district in a small Roman province, this nameless Jew like all those others despised by the Procurators of Caesar, should speak with a voice that was to sound above those of the Emperors themselves, these are the most surprising facts of history."3 In our own day and age we live with these consequences of the life of Christ. Whether we like it or not, he made an indelible mark upon all of humanity. If we deny his existence, not only do we do violence to the fabric of history, but we deny what is presently the case."

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