The Prophet Haggai

Haggai (520-516 B.C.) "haggay" (festal). In 520 B.C. eighteen years after the Jews had returned from exile in Babylon, Haggai urged them to forget their own interests and finish rebuilding the temple. The Jews, under the leadership of Zerubbabel, started to rebuild the Temple but somehow they became discouraged and quit. They were more concerned with their paneled houses than the Temple which laid desolate. The Lord said through Haggai that they were not being blessed and the recent drought and misfortunes were directly related to their laziness in the things of God. Haggai, along with the prophet Zechariah, urged them on. Within 4 years it was completed. They became courageous in the work and the Lord told them to mark this day and to watch from now on because they were obeying and His blessings were going to come.