The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, nestled within the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, is a captivating gateway to the ancient world. With a rich and diverse collection spanning cultures and time periods, the museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the past through the lens of archaeology.

Founded in 1924, the Kelsey Museum houses an array of artifacts from various regions, including the Mediterranean, the Near East, and North Africa. Its collection showcases everyday objects, sculptures, pottery, and monumental architectural pieces that provide insights into the lives, customs, and artistic achievements of past civilizations.

Particularly renowned for its holdings from ancient Egypt, the museum features artifacts that highlight the intricacies of daily life, religious practices, and artistic expression of the Nile Valley. Additionally, the collection extends to ancient Greece, Rome, and beyond, offering a holistic perspective on the interconnectedness of human history.

Beyond its impressive displays, the Kelsey Museum is dedicated to education, research, and community engagement. It offers a range of programs, lectures, workshops, and guided tours that allow visitors to delve deeper into the stories behind the artifacts. Students, scholars, and the general public alike have the opportunity to connect with the past, learn from archaeological discoveries, and appreciate the cultural tapestry that has shaped our world.

The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology stands as a testament to the power of archaeology in unraveling the mysteries of our heritage. Through its curated exhibits and dedication to fostering curiosity and understanding, the museum offers a window into the past that continues to inspire and enlighten.

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