The Holy of Holies in Herod's Temple

A double veil separated the Hall from the Holy of Holies, which only the High Priest could access, once per year on the Day of Atonement. There was no furniture at all in the Holy of Holies. The High Priest entered on the Day of Atonement in the autumn, when he presented sacrificial blood to expiate his own sins and those of the nation, which he represented (Leviticus 16:1-34). The Holy Place was the first part of the Temple that was reconstructed. The white "mezzah" stone was used, it was finely cut and polished. The former building was removed all the way to the bedrock and new foundation stones were laid. 150 feet long, 150 feet wide at the porch, 90 feet back of the porch for the Holy Place (Jos 5.5.4)