The Hasmonean Dynasty from Hyrcanus to Salome

The Hasmonean Dynasty from (John) Hyrcanus to (Salome) Alexandra (134 - 67 BCE). Ptolemy, the man who murdered the father of (John) Hyrcanus and two brothers, also attempted to murder (John) Hyrcanus and take power; Hyrcanus prevailed over him after a protracted conflict, but lost his mother to Ptolemy, who had held her hostage. Antiochus VII Sidetes demanded that (John) Hyrcanus surrender territory taken by Simon, and successfully waged war against the Jewish state, besieging Jerusalem. (John) Hyrcanus was forced to pay indemnity for the territory seized by his father. After this less than promising start to his reign, however, (John) Hyrcanus maintained the borders of the state inherited from his father and even expanded them.

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