The Diadochi: The end of the Macedonian Royal House

In 311, the Diadochi concluded a peace treaty. Ptolemy and Lysimachuswere confirmed in their territories, Egypt and Thrace; Cassander andAntigonus Monophthalmus remained supreme commanders of theMacedonian forces in Europe and Asia; the Greek towns were recognized by all parties as 'free and autonomous' (but Cassander kept garrisons at several places); and it was agreed that the boy king Alexander IV, son ofAlexander the Great and Roxane, would become sole ruler of the entire empire when he came of age, in 305. The result was, of course, that the royals were killed as soon as possible. Diodorus of Sicily tells the story in hisWorld history (19.105.1-4); the translation was made by M.M. Austin.

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