The Devil

The "devil" is an interesting title, it means "slanderer". The word explains very clearly how Satan operates. He slanders and distorts man`s understanding of God. Man CANNOT know God unless God reveals Himself by the Holy Spirit. Many times man`s mind can believe certain things about God and form a belief based on our five senses and the world around us. This is where the devil enters in and slanders. The Bible is the revelation of God and without the Word of God man is in darkness. When God makes a promise it is like a sworn oath, the Bible says it is impossible for God to lie. The hard part is for man to have faith in God`s promises, faith can only come by "hearing the Word of God". The devil uses the 5 senses and the world around us to keep us distracted from hearing the Word of God. This is because, as we will see, the Word of God renders the devil powerless, it is man`s only weapon against his "lies" about God, and just as God spoke His Word and all things were created, so God speaks His Word and the devil must surrender.