The 7th Day God Rested

On the seventh day, He ceased from His labor and established the Sabbath. Scholars disagree as to how long these "days" might have been. The Bible seems to indicate a literal 24 hour day. Scholars also differ on the date of creation. It would be impossible to know exactly the number of years back to the creation since the Bible`s lists of generations sometimes skips names, and any other historical records are limited. According to the Bible and archaeology man has been here for about 6,000 - 10,000 years approximately. No one can be certain. The purpose of the Bible is not to scientifically sketch every detail of creation but to reveal to man that God is prior to and distinct from His creation, that He is directly responsible for its having come into being, through His Word, that its continued existence is dependent upon Him, and that man has been given the highest position of honor and responsibility in that creation.

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