The 3 Towers Built by Herod

Built to protect his palace were Herod's 3 towers.

1. Phasael Tower (the largest, named after his brother stood 145 feet high).
2. Hippicus Tower (named after a friend, and was 132 feet high)
3. Mariamme Tower (named after his beloved wife whom he had murdered. Josephus said "the king considering it appropriate that the tower named after a woman should surpass in decoration those called after men." It stood 74 feet high)

[Model of Ancient Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and the second (Herod's) Temple, before its destruction in 70 AD. Built by archaeologists according to various historical sources: Josephus, the Mishnah, the Talmuds, the Tosephta, and the New Testament as well as archaeological discoveries. It uses mainly the same materials as the original].

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