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Tell es-Safi (Hebrew Tel Tsafit) is a commanding mound located on the border between the Judean foothills (the Shephelah) and the coastal plain, approximately halfway between Jerusalem and Ashkelon. About 100 acres in size, it is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in Israel. Most scholars identify Tell es-Safi with Philistine Gath, known from the Bible as the home of Goliath and Achish. Major finds from the first few seasons include the discoveries of a 9th century BCE destruction layer with extraordinarily rich remains and of a siege trench surrounding the site, whose date has yet to be determined.

Director: Idit Saragusti, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Ofer Marder, Israel Antiquities Authorty and Dr. Rivka Rabinovich, Dep. of Zoology, Hebrew University. [Archaeology] [Recent Excavations]

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